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Land Trust Breakfast/Program At Hermit Park

The July Breakfast/Program, sponsored by the Estes Valley Land Trust, will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, July 18 in Hermit Park. Kurt Gutjahr, Managing Director for The Center of the American West at the University of Colorado in Boulder, will speak on “Turning Hindsight into Foresight.” The public is invited to this mid-summer event but reservations are required.

Hermit Park is located on the southwest side of Highway 36, a couple of miles southeast of Estes Park and across from Pole Hill Road. The entrance gate will open at 7:30 a.m. The group pavilion area is about two miles from the entrance; follow the Land Trust signs through the Park.

We urge everyone to make a special effort to car share to this event! The Day Park Entrance Fee of $6 per vehicle will be paid by the Land Trust for those attending the Breakfast/Program so limiting the number of cars will not only save money but also make parking at the site easier.

The breakfast reservation deadline is noon on Monday, July 14th; only the first 180 reservations will be accepted. Breakfast will be served by the Molly B staff, $10 per person (cash), payable in the serving line.
Please make your reservation by (1) Telephoning the EVLT office 577-6837 (you can leave a message anytime;) or by (2) Sending an e-mail to You are asked to provide the first and last name for each reservation so name badges can be prepared.

Kurt Gutjahr, the speaker, was recently named as Managing Director for the Center at CU. He had been serving as the Event Coordinator. Though born in New Jersey, Kurt grew up in Socorro, New Mexico. He has three earned degrees: a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Colorado; an M.A. in English from the University of New Mexico; and an M.F.A. from the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa. Kurt is on the adjunct faculty at Naropa University in Boulder and has a great interest in green building.

The Center of the American West, founded in 1989, “is one of the region’s most creative and innovative organizations in identifying and addressing such crucial issues as multiculturalism, community building, fire policy, and land, water, and energy use. The Center brings together, for meaningful conversation and interaction, people as diverse as the American West itself…Ultimately, we want to help citizens of the West become agents of sustainability.”

Patty Limerick is the Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado, where she is also a Professor of History. The Center is associated with faculty from 27 University departments and produces 30 to 40 public events each year.

Hermit Park is part of the Larimer County Parks and Open Lands Program. The Estes Valley Land Trust was a major partner in helping to secure the Park’s 1,362 acres for public use. Owned by the County, the Land Trust holds the Conservation Easement on the property.

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