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Know The Local Marketing District

1. Is the Local Marketing District (LMD) part of the Town Government?

No. The LMD is a separate Governmental District (with its own seven member Board) allowed by State Statute and an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Town of Estes Park and Larimer County and approved by area voters in November. The Board candidates were selected through an interview process by a joint committee made up of two Town Board Members, a County Commissioner, and a representative from both the Chamber Board and EALA Board. The Town appointed five members and the County appointed two members to the EPLMD Board of Directors.

2. What professional services are the LMD considering?

So far, three scenarios have been discussed:

a. First, a qualified professional would facilitate a Strategic Process Planning Session where Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals with measurable objectives are completed. This session or sessions would most likely be in an off site or retreat format at a nearby donated location. The cost would be for the qualified professional not the location!

b. Second and most significant, is an assessment of the existing CVB and its staffing, marketing, advertising and group sales to determine what areas are working and what areas need focus. This would be a review by industry experts. This is important to the LMD Board since Estes Park sales tax has paid over $1M per year for the past multiple years for the CVB marketing and advertising efforts to include staffing, without such an independent  review or assessment. We want to get our baseline established and get focused on the most critical areas.

c. The third possible task for a consultant would be to recommend a plan for the Marketing and Advertising program based on the expert’s review and knowledge.

The approximate cost for all THREE phases of development will be around $25,000, but the RFP responses have not yet been received.

3. How can the community get involved and stay informed?

The LMD has a web site where information is posted. Visit to get current information or sign up for our email list where agendas for meetings, minutes of meetings and other important information.

LMD meetings are open to the public.  Check the web site for the next meeting and attend to hear firsthand what is being discussed and acted on. Each meeting begins and ends with opportunity for public comment.

Also, an EPLMD Subcommittee is organizing a quarterly meeting with local associations. The focus of these meetings will be to improve communication for local business and tourism.

4. Where does the LMD receive its funding from?

The tax that funds the LMD is derived from tourists staying overnight in the Estes Park Local Marketing District for stays of less than 30 nights. If a guest stays at a lodging establishment, they pay an additional two percent “lodging” tax in addition to the regular 7.7% local tax. The funds generated from the 2% tax become the LMD’s budget for the next year.

5. Are the Board Members compensated?

No, although a stipend could have been paid to the Board, the Board Members voted to volunteer their services so all of the funds could be spent on marketing and advertising.

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