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Ken Czarnowski For EVRPD Again

To The Editor,

I am encouraging voters to re-elect Ken Czarnowski to the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District board of directors.

Ken has brought a wealth of experience and new ideas to the board during his current term. I see the value of continuity on the EVRPD board as the community deals with the aftermath of the September floods.

Ken’s ‘Principal Occupation’ as listed on the EVRPD web site is “National Park Service (retired)”. That modestly downplays the significance of the work he did for us all during his service at Rocky Mountain National Park.

One particular stand-out is the restoration of Beaver Meadows and Beaver Brook. For many decades Beaver Brook was barely a stream at all, its waters diverted into a water system. Ken came up with some outside-the-box ideas and used his political and consensus building skills to get that water system connected to Town water, and now the Beaver Meadows aquifer is refilling and rejuvenating the land, and Beaver Brook flows year-round again!

I am confident we can count on Ken Czarnowski to continue to serve his community well in another term on the EVRPD board.

Ron Thomas

Estes Park



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