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Is It Really Fair?

To the Editor:

Are women fairly represented?

The Trail Gazette’s Editorial Board has endorsed three men for Town Trustee. While the men may have good qualifications, I find it surprising that with four men and four women running for Town Trustee, the all-male Trail Gazette’s Editorial Board did not find even one woman qualified to be among the top three candidates for Town Trustee.

Two women, Wendy Koenig and Janna Allerheiligen, were passed over by the Editorial Board because of their views regarding summer jobs for local teens. Experience and other qualifications were apparently ignored. Both women have raised their children in Estes Park, work in Estes Park and have seen summer employment of local teens become a growing issue. Unfortunately the mid-August local school start date causes employers to hire employees for the full season from other countries, and makes it difficult for local teens to get summer jobs. Many families need their teens to work to help make ends meet; and while employment of foreigners for seasonal employment is a necessity, it doesn’t lessen the problem for local families.

The 2012 population of Estes Park consisted of 2,834 men and 3,183 women. Women represent 53% of our population. Yet, if you follow the Trail Gazette recommendation, there will be no women represented on the Town Board. And who does this recommendation come from?…Two of the three members of the Trail Gazette Editorial Board don’t even live in the Estes Valley, but they would have you vote on their three candidates for our Town Board…

Women have fought hard for the right to vote and are a majority of the Estes Park population. Certainly, they deserve to be represented.

I hope every voter will become an informed voter by viewing League Forum (available as a CD from the Library) or by reading candidate information online at the Town’s website (Administrative Services/Town Clerk/Elections/ Candidates 2014), through articles in local papers, or, by talking with the candidates.

Above all, please vote. It is your right and your responsibility.

Sue Pinkham

Estes Park


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