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Invest In Our Future

To The Editor:

The difference between spending and investing is that you get your money back over time when you invest. Referred issue 4C and 4D invests in the construction of a Community Center and funds the operation of the Community Center, the Aquatic Center and other vital maintenance and equipment replacement needs. Not only do we get to use these facilities year around, but visitors to Estes Park have something to do in the winter when we have a sub-zero wind chill factor outside.

The Community Center and the expanded Aquatic Center would provide facilities for indoor activities of individuals, families and groups. In addition to providing quality of life options for the residents of the Estes Valley, visitors would have more reasons to stay overnight. Overnight guests spend much more money in our community for lodging, meals, activities and shopping than day visitors.

A large portion of the city of Estes Park revenue comes from sales tax receipts and the vast majority of sales tax is paid by visitors to Estes Park. Increased sales tax receipts are where we will get our return on our investment. Referred issue 4C and 4D raises the seed money to grow our city’s revenue year after year.

Vote yes on 4C and 4D. It is a smart investment!

Lindsay Lamson

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