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To The Editor:

Imagine you live in a town and expect a Wellness Center to be built, and instead you see hotel rooms built. If Lot 4 is sold to the Stanley/Grand Heritage Hotel Group, building for accommodations will begin as soon as possible. At the January 6, 2014 Town of Estes Park Board Meeting, I recall hearing John Cullen say that he’s ready with bulldozers.

The Estes Park Medical Center has two years to raise money to build the Wellness Center. If the EPMC fails to raise the money, then John Cullen can build the Wellness Center or do nothing with that small part of land designated for the Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center space is for 13,000 square feet of the 6.88 acre Lot 4. There is an additional proposed 15,000 square foot building for a treatment/nutrition center.

I understand honesty, integrity, and ethics are part of wellness. For people who want to get information about the project that is hopefully more accurate than what I have read in the papers, visit which shows the Town of Estes Park, Colorado logo. I couldn’t find this information on the Town of Estes Park website, but found it on a web search. I am Generation X, university economics educated, computer literate, well, and have been educating people about wellness for at least 20 years.

Karin Edwards

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