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Igels Prepare “Bussie,” The Big Bus For A Cross Country Road Trip

“Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from Coast to Coast without seeing anything.”  - Charles Kuralt

Imagine a family of nine, taking to the road for a year in a 45’ bus. Check out their real-life adventure story at their blogsite at In between business ownership, the family has decided to leave their Colorado Mountain home and travel the byways of our great United States beginning in just a month to learn about the country and each other. Opportunities for local community service and education are high on the family’s priority list at each stop.

The family has homeschooled each of their seven children in between public school years, and have been small business owners for the last 18 years. This lifestyle, and the recent sale of one of the businesses will allow the family to become a Family on the Road, alongside other families that have taken to living on the move. While there are similarities among all of the families, this family is offering up a chance for a suitable partner to ‘get on the bus’ and go with them!

The size of the bus creates some opportunity for the right sponsor to help share fuel expenses while taking advantage of the bus’s planned route- exposing a sponsor message to hundreds of thousands of potential clients or customers. Like a rolling billboard, the bus will be seen by many as this local family takes off on their coast to coast  year-long journey at the end of July.

An important caveat for a potential sponsor is worth mention: the family must like you. Since they’ll be sleeping and living under the sponsors image, it’ll have to be a family friendly message or sponsor that the kids from 5-14, and the parents, can intelligently discuss with curious acquaintances along the way. A creative sponsor might even task the family with an objective for their trip like visiting related businesses or offering samples of a new product under one of the 54 sq. foot billboards.

Take a look at this family’s plan, and a tour of the bus, or follow along on the adventure by visiting the website at

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