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Huge Turn Out For Mountain Strong Community Event

stanley-mountain-strong-floodFriday Night’s Mountain Strong Community Gathering was a smashing success at the Stanley Hotel.

When planning the event, organizers estimated that about 200 would show up but after it was all said and done, it was estimated that over 1,000 people were in attendance at this event.

The event, which was scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. had people streaming through the doors at 5:30. Entertainment for the evening was provided by the Amplified Souls who kept the spirits high with their great music. While trying to keep the spirit about the abundance of port-a-potties around town, centerpiece decorations were decorated rolls of toilet paper.

During the event, collection jars around the room were filled to help victims of the flood and so far, $10,000 has been collected at the event and through the sales of Mountain Strong t-shirts will be given to Crossroads Ministry.

Throughout the evening, it quickly became very apparent that everyone needed to just release some steam. It was great for neighbor to see neighbor, many for the first time since the floods. Everyone had a story to tell. The new greeting in Estes Park has changed from “How are you doing” to “Can you flush?” That greeting was heard all around the room.

We listened to many stories that night and one of the more moving ones was the story of a National Guardsman at the Highway 36 checkpoint. A resident asked how he was holding up; his answer “Oh we are doing fine, you guys are an amazing community. You make me think of wanting to move up here.” A true testimony to our Mountain Strong attitude.

District Governor Julie Phares wanted to say, “Thank you to everyone for your support of this incredible event. It was fun to see all of us come together and I’ve never seen anything like I saw on Friday night at the Stanley Hotel, people smiling, sharing their stories and all were so grateful. Not only are we as a community “Mountain Strong,” are also “Rotary Strong” Friday’s event was Rotary’s opportunity to say Thank you to Estes Park community for all the support they have given Rotary in the Estes Valley for over 60 years. We are a strong community and Rotary is here for the community for the months and years to come.”

Event organizers would also like to thank The Stanley Hotel and John Cullen for making this such a special and memorable night for all.

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