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History And Heroes Sponsors An Evening Of Dinner, Inspiration Laughter and Stand Up Comedy

History-Heroes-logoBobby’s back!

Enjoy an evening of dinner, inspiration, and laughter with stand-up comic Bobby Henline at LongZ Mountain Grill this Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.

Those who attended the fundraiser at the Stanley Hotel last August for disabled veterans sponsored by History and Heroes, enjoyed veteran Bobby Henline’s hilarious stand-up routine.

On his fourth tour of Iraq, Bobby survived an IED explosion but was terribly burned and ended up having a hand amputated. Despite a six-month recovery in the hospital and waking up every day wishing he was dead, he didn’t lose his sharp sense of humor. A therapist noticed that he had everyone in the hospital ward laughing and encouraged him to try stand-up-comedy. Now Bobby appears in Las Vegas and will act in a movie produced by Paramount Pictures.

Some of his humorous lines:

“The skin on my scalp burned off, so the doctors replaced it with my stomach. When I eat too much I get headaches.”

“On the Fourth of July I always go to a fireworks stand. I run up real excited and ask them, ‘Can you give me the same stuff as last year? It was great!’ ”

Bobby Henline

Bobby Henline

Bobby is excited to be back in Estes Park this week where he will be attending a Wounded Warrior retreat at Mary’s Lake Lodge. He contacted Rich Johnson, head of History and Heroes to let him know he was back in the town that treated his so well while he was here last summer.

Rich thought it would be a good idea for locals to get together for a dinner with Bobby at LongZ Mountain Grill on Saturday night. You can mingle with Bobby and hear his stand-up-routine. It will be informal and attendees are only expected to pay for their own food and beverage. LongZ is located in the Rocky Mountain Park Inn on Route 7. The grill features regional Rocky Mountain cuisine like hand-cut steaks, chicken and sustainable seafood dishes. The LongZ Mountain Grill is proud to use Colorado grown products that are environmentally responsible and delightfully delectable.

Bobby Henline, 41, the veteran of four tours to Iraq and the sole survivor of an IED blast that killed the other four soldiers in his humvee is truly an American hero. Come join us at the special table that will be set up for the get together at LongZ on Saturday night.


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