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Historic Elkhorn Lodge To Host Old Fashioned Chuck Wagon Dinners

The Elkhorn Lodge, an Estes Park mainstay, located at 600 W. Elkhorn Ave. is now hosting wonderful old fashioned cowboy chuck wagon suppers throughout the summer months.

Wrangler chef Wishbone Van Kerrebrok has been a cowboy cook for over 30 years and is honored to bring back this wonderful piece of Americana to new generations of Americans and International visitors. These fun filled traditions will feature BBQ beef brisket or chicken, biscuit, applesauce, peach cobbler and a refreshment.

Dinners will be held at 6:00 p.m. with the stage show beginning at 7:00 p.m. Wednesdays through Sunday evenings.

There are chuckwagon suppers throughout the western USA and the Lazy B was in Estes Park for forty years. As many as four generations remember the music and food from the Lazy B and folks at Elkhorn Lodge intend to make this as close to the Lazy B legacy as they can.

For your entertainment at the chuckwagon dinners you’ll meet:

Vic Anderson, guitar and vocals. Vic was a member of the Lazy B wranglers and is a champion yodeler and master whistler.

Liz Masterson, guitar and vocals. Liz  has a new CD which was recently named Best Western Album of 2009 by the Academy of Western Artists.

Dan Knauf aka “Spur” is a bassist and vocalist who is versed in all types of music and loves the feel and sound of real cowboy and Western tunes.

Tom Nugent is the fiddle player and vocalist who began playing fiddle at age five.

All this fun, family entertainment and wonderful cowboy food takes place at the historic Elkhorn Lodge. Its just plain good fun!

Families, church groups and busses are welcome. Bring your cowboy hat and chow down on some good old fashioned western grub. For more information, or to make a reservation, please call The Elkhorn Lodge at 586-4416.

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