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High Winds And Microbursts Create Power Outages And Damage In The Estes Valley

Estes Park Light and Power crews have been working diligently since Saturday night, working to restore power to electric customers. Sixteen linemen from Fort Collins and six linemen from Loveland have joined the EP crews to speed up the process. Utilities Director Reuben Bergsten said, “We are fortunate to have backup from our neighbors in the valley to restore power to our customers as soon as possible. It’s our priority to accomplish this as soon as possible.” Estes Park Public Works crews are also on the scene helping.

The high winds blew trees down into the power lines and micro bursts broke at least two power poles. One street, Fall River Lane, has been temporarily closed for safety reasons. Many of the electric lines are in rough terrain and the crews must walk the lines to find smaller areas for repair. They are working as fast as possible to get all the main lines reenergized.

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On Sunday, the two main areas without power werer Glen Haven and Allenspark with a few random spots in Estes Park and along Highway 34.

By 10:30 p.m. Sunday evening, Estes Park Light and Power crews had restored power to Glen Haven, The Retreat and portions of Hwy. 7. They were assisted in their efforts by crews from Fort Collins and Loveland.

Light and Power staff have continued to work throughout the night to repair downed lines in the following areas that remain without power:

• Allenspark

• Pole Hill

• Fall River Road

• Kerr Road

• Sutton Lane

• Cheley Camp

The repair work has been slowed by difficult terrain and inclement weather, with winds kicking up once again.

Approximately 1,000-1,500 customers found themselves without power in the aftermath. Power has now been restored to more than half of those customers.

Emergency Updates regarding the outages can be found on the town’s website at

Outages and questions can be directed to the Town’s emergency hotline at 586-5335.

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