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Great Christmas Concert And Thoughts On Supporting SOPA

To The Editor:

What is a holiday without music, and music there was this past weekend at Mountain View Bible Fellowship on Hwy. 7. The Oratorio Society of Estes Park put on two spectacular performances of its Christmas concert, classical music that prodded the listener to tune in to the true spirit of the holidays. Three composers’ works were presented to a less-than-crowded sanctuary of listeners who, nevertheless, were enthusiastic with standing ovations at the end of each concert.

It is truly amazing that our little mountain town boasts of so many talented people. Thirty-six singers mastered the Latin lyrics, while the thirteen-member string ensemble nurtured the musical accompaniment. In the first selection, Vivaldi’s “Gloria,” there were four female soloists, all of whom were amazingly good. Of the four, one stood out to me; in fact, she seemed to sing directly to me in the balcony. What a voice! Clear, strong, beautiful tone and, my wife tells me, right in tune; alto Carol Blanchard effortlessly impressed all in attendance.

As the concert progressed, the brass and percussion talent of nine additional artists joined in to fill the sanctuary with amazing inspirational sounds.

Rutter’s “Gloria” and the traditional Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” were performed with equal professionalism. What a group of talent! I must admit that those involved were mostly bald or silver-haired, but there were some four or five youngsters (under 40) also. All this is to say that our community with all this marvelous talent needs a performing arts building to nurture future development of venues such as this. It is a travesty that our community has not been able to enhance the arts in town with their own facility. Hats off to the Mountain View Bible Fellowship for the use of their fine building for these performances.

Good news-I am told as of this writing that SOPA (Supporters of the Performing Arts) is re-organizing to further raise funds and build the proposed Arts Center. What a wonderful commitment to the talent that exists in Estes Park.

As an untalented layman, I suggest to the Estes Park population that each of us takes the opportunity to enjoy the musical concerts and plays being presented in the upcoming year, and realize how much a facility to house all these events is needed. Our community deserves such a facility and we need to make it happen in the near future.

I am a 1950s rock and roller, do-wop kind of dude, but I like the sophistication presented in the performances I witnessed last weekend. Oh, and hats off to the director, Claudia Irwin, who inspired troops to their great performances.

Estes Valley Resident
Talentless Wayne Groome

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