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Girls Fight Back In Estes Park

You’re walking home after class with your friends, it is dark but you are all heading in the same direction together.  Each veers off toward their own dorm as you head towards yours. You notice a light out ahead of you so you pick up your pace looking around. You walk through the shadows then sigh in relief when no one jumps out at you. As you near the door someone steps on the path beside you and your heart starts to race. He says “Hi”, you glance over then say ‘You scared me!’, when you recognize him as a fellow student from your dorm. He notices all your books and bag so reaches over to take them saying “Let me help you.”. You don’t want to be rude so you hand them over.

When you get to your hall you ask for them back so you can go on to your room but he says “A gentleman would escort you to your room.” He keeps walking to your door, you insist he hand over everything as you unlock the door, he says ok and gives you your stuff. As you thank him and back into the room he pushes you then locks the door………

Would you know what to do in a situation like this one? It sounds innocent enough until he pushes you in the room and locks the door. These types of incidents happen across the nation to all ages of women daily. It could happen at work, school, hotels, mall parking lots, the gym, even your own home – anywhere that leaves you vulnerable to an attack. Would you have the skills you need to defend yourself in the event this happened to you?

Estes Valley Victim Advocates assists victims of these types of attacks plus domestic violence incidents here in Estes Park. Often women do not have the skills to defend themselves, the misconception is they need special training in self defense to be able to fend off an attacker.

Actually there are many simple techniques that will empower women to a safer life. Erin Weed, founder of Girls Fight Back, has been empowering girls by teaching them basic defense techniques that are simple to use no matter what situation you may be in.

So many college students head off armed with everything needed to succeed in the academic world but they run into situations like this and are not prepared, sometimes with deadly consequences. Everyone has been taught to watch for what lurks in the shadows but what do you do when the danger is someone you know or live with? The Girls Fight Back program was developed when Erin Weed’s sorority sister was attacked and killed while at college. This nationwide program has won accolades from America’s Most Wanted, CNN and Fox News as well as Campus Magazine.

The simple self defense uses common, everyday items to assist women to defend themselves and create opportunities to get away from an attacker, even one they know.
Estes Valley Victim Advocates is partnering with Girls Fight Back to present this exciting event for girls 14 and older. Brush up on what you already know, learn something new, be entertained through this highly motivational presentation here in Estes Park. On June 6 from 11-12:30 at Performance Park (HS Auditorium if it rains), you can meet staff and advocates from EVVA as well as Girls Fight Back trainers as we empower our community and youth with this unique opportunity-best of all in this current economic climate you can attend for FREE!
Estes Valley Victim Advocates & My Sister’s Place is committed to the intervention and prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes through advocacy, counseling, information, referrals and education to our community. Contact us with questions or assistance at 970-577-9781, through the Police or Sheriff or Facebook us. We are here 24/7 to help you through a crisis or to provide safe housing.

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