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Gas Prices Too High For You? Get A Scooter And Get 100 mpg!

By: Deanna Szuter at ZootScoot Scooter Rental

A lot of folks have been coming by to ask about buying scooters. I thought it would be helpful to write a little article about scooters.

Thinking of buying a scooter? With gas prices climbing, a lot of people are looking to alternate means of transportation, and scooters are becoming a very popular choice.
Scooters with a 49 cc engine size do not require a motorcycle license, and do not require license plates.

Anything higher than 49 cc does.

These 49 cc scooters are capable of doing 40 mph, but not at altitude. In order for a scooter to run properly in Estes Park, an adjustment must be made to the carburetor’s jet to allow more air into the process. This will get you up to about 32-35 mph.

Most of the scooters you get now are four stroke engines and they are automatic. That’s right! No mixing oil/gas, and no shifting!

Now for choices. There are a lot coming from Asia that are junk. They claim to have 49 cc scooters that go 40 mph, offer warranties and here’s the big tip off, BRAND NEW for under $1,000. Stop there. Do not proceed. JUNK! Stick to name brands like: Honda, Yamaha, Vespa, Kymco, Genuine, Schwinn or Derbi.

Brand new, expect to see a list price of around $1,900, and then expect to pay dock fee, import fee, assembly fee, and taxes. You are looking at closer to $2,300.

Also expect to get about 100 mpg. Yup! The tanks will hold about 1.3 gallons, but then you are good to go for 130 miles, and it’s gonna cost under $5 to fill’er up! (for now at least).

I would also like to mention that Yamaha makes a scooter called the C3. It’s the first 49 cc scooter to have fuel injection. What’s so great about this, you may ask. Fuel injection means no carburetor, and that means no effects from altitude. It has more power than any 49 cc with the jets adjustments.

My rental scooters that climb a very steep hill at 18 mph get left in the dust when the C3 flies past at 29 mph.

More power for the mountains, and it’s only a couple hundred dollars more than the carb driven scoots.
One fantastic resource to buy a used scooter is Craigslist. Monitor all the territories. I’ve noticed from last year that there are fewer available this year, so you have to be a shark to find one. There’s also other Front Range classifieds that can be resourceful, as well as Ebay.

That’s about all the tips I have for now, but if you have any questions about buying a scooter, just give me a holler, and I’ll be glad to help!

Call me at Zoot Scoot at 577-0918, or stop by our office at 1360 Big Thompson Avenue, Highway 34.

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