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Four Realities Of The Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor:

4 realities of the 1% Sales Tax Increase:

1) Regardless of how the opposition tries to spin it, the reality is, is that this IS a 1 cent on the dollar tax increase. To put the monetary impact of that into perspective, that means that for this increase to cost you personally $100, you would have to spend $10,000 in town. Do you know any local resident who does that?

2) for consumers and tourists, the sales tax rate in any given town is a non-factor with regard to making a purchase. When I see something I want or need, I buy it. The sales tax rate is never even a consideration, because sales tax is a fact of consumerism that we all accept. Have you ever said “oh, I’m not going to buy that item because the sales tax is too high”? I seriously doubt it.

3) and it IS true that before we can go out and solicit grants from other entities that would be willing to help us build the Rec Center, and repair our roads and trails, we DO need to demonstrate our sincerity and commitment that these issues are vital enough to us that we are first willing to invest in them ourselves. Why would they help us if we ‘re not willing to help ourselves first ?

4) So, for those of you who think you’re getting a better deal by going “down below” to do your shopping, here’s what it’s really costing you:

The cost of gas to go down and back.

- mileage and wear and tear on your vehicle during the trip.

- if you forget your grocery bags, pony up to pay per bag as needed.

-depending on where you go, you’ll also pay to park.

- and most importantly, not only are you spending your money to support another town’s economy where you do not live and is giving you nothing in return, you are taking money out of the town’s bank account where you do live – the same town that provides all of our necessary services and makes our quality-of-life here better.

…..Kind of like the old expression “cutting off your nose to spite your face,” isn’t it?

So, don’t you think that Estes Park’s future and our own quality of life here is worth that extra penny?

Sherry Ruth

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