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Five Northern Saw-whet Owl Nest Boxes Still Need A Home

Photos and article by: Scott Rashid

Grant, Susan and I would like to thank everyone who has allowed us to place the Northern Saw-whet Owl nest boxes on their property. We do have five boxes left that can be placed if there is still an interest.

Unfortunately, due to the excess wind that we have been experiencing it has been difficult for us to listen for any vocalizing owls. On the plus side, the snow that we have had this past winter should create lots of food for the mice that the owls feed upon.

The snow creates moisture enabling plants to germinate, creating seeds that the mice will eat. The more food for the mice enables more mice to produce more baby mice which is just that much more food for the owls.

There is still time to put up nest boxes for these owls. If anyone is interested, please call me. And as always, your contributions are tax deductible.

Scott Rashid

Director of CARRI
P.O. Box 3351
Estes Park, CO

Phone 577-1794


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