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Fine Arts Guild Production “Talking With” Opens This Weekend


Talking With” a series of women’s monologues by Jane Martin will be performed on Friday and Saturday, May 9, 10, 16, & 17 at Park Village Playhouse at 7:30 p.m.

The show is presented by the Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies and is directed by Kerry Aiken and Diane Penn with help from Hancel McCord. Stage Manager of the show is C.J. Jensen.

With razor sharp wit and meaningful perplexity, eleven women share their experience with life, love and mortality. Always speaking from their soul, some of the cast members include a baton twirler, a fundamentalist snake-handler, an ex-rodeo rider, and an actress willing to go to any length for the job. Sometimes humorous, sometimes startling, sometimes heartwarming, these gripping narratives tell each woman’s story in a very personal and revealing style.

“Talking With” consists of monologues by women who have learned to cope with change, loss, lack of love and aging in their own unique, unconventional ways. Some face reality squarely and find ways of compensating, while others retreat into fantasy or ritual. Beneath their odd and sometimes bizarre behaviors, we catch glimpses of ordinary people whose needs and emotions are not very different from our own, who share in our common humanity.

Take note, this is not just “women’s theater,” Talking With is a collection of observations on life from a woman’s perspective. Men and women alike will find these extraordinary monologues fascinating. The show is recommended for high school age and up.

Talking With cast in order of appearance:

15 Minutes: Linda Moak-An actress describes her experience on stage as a lacerating exposure of her inner self, and ponders turning the tables on the audience.

Scraps: Lynn McManamon-A homemaker copes with her boredom and feeling of insignificance by escaping into the fantasy world of Oz.

Clear Glass Marbles: Shelley Drake- A woman gives an emotional account of how her mother dealt with her impending death.

Audition: LaShelle Lyman- An actress resorts to bizarre behavior to get a part she wants desperately.

Rodeo: Carmen Middleton-A young woman who grew up riding broncos in the ring laments the commercialization and loss of community in the rodeo.

Twirler: Samantha Holt- A young girl’s enthusiasm for baton twirling becomes an obsession involving a bizarre and dangerous religious ritual.

Lamps: Linda Tucker- An elderly woman describes the gradual loss of people in her life and the growing importance of certain objects that have meaning for her, especially the lamps she gradually extinguishes.

Handler: Nadine Streib-A Southern woman recounts her family’s religious practice of handling snakes, its tragic consequences, and her own experience as a snake handler.

Dragons: Sandra Vilar-A woman in labor believes she is giving birth to a dragon.

French Fries: Ellie Williams-A destitute old woman dreams of being allowed to live at McDonald’s.

Marks: Cynthia Elkins-A woman who narrowly escaped an attack is “marked,” and her life is changed in a surprising way.

Says Director Kerry Aiken, “It’s been great working with the eleven women who bring to life the stories in Talking With. The characters have wildly different backgrounds, temperaments, ideas, voices and quirks. The women are characterized by their dress, speech, tone of voice, dialect, delivery and manner. We’ve been working on those things throughout the rehearsal period. Hancel McCord presented a great actor’s workshop the first week of rehearsals.”

She continued, “The characters are fascinating and present stories that will leave the audience talking and wanting to know more about the women they’ve met. When watching the play you will be laughing one minute, and choking back tears the next. There is a comic element but there are also pangs of sadness and desperation in the stories.”
After the Friday, May 9th show, there will be a reception honoring Ned Linegar. Ned and his late wife Margaret, were the founders of the Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies. Ned recently published a book on the Fine Arts Guild titled, “The Beginning Of A Dream.” Copies will be on hand at the reception.

Tickets for the show are on sale at Macdonald Book Shop (970) 586-3450. Advance tickets are $12 for adults, $6 for kids, at the door, tickets will cost $14 for adults, $8 for kids. See next week’s paper for more on the show.

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