Dion Steffonich, Safeway Store Manager

New Safeway Manager Dion Keijiro Steffonich began working here in Estes Park last November 1st, 2019. He has a long history with the company and tells us, “Safeway has been my first and only job. I started as a courtesy clerk in Denver, Colorado in 1999 just three blocks from my house. I’ve held various positions throughout my career and eventually worked my way up the ranks at stores in Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, Superior, Nebraska, Lakewood, Littleton, and Boulder prior to Estes. I have been a Store Director for Safeway since March 31, 2013.

Dion continued, “Estes Park is a small, tight knit community and the Safeway store is truly a cornerstone of this town. I’ve enjoyed the past three months getting to know my customers. After I get settled, I would like to serve the townspeople as much as I can by being an ambassador. Grocery stores are the hub of the community and I want to be involved in programs and events my customers support. In the past, the Estes Park Safeway has supported a lot of community events, from the Rotary Duck Race to local festivals and nearly everything in between. We have a lot of history in Estes Park and we are always looking at opportunities to step up and support the community. Back in 2017, the Safeway Foundation supported the Estes Park Freedom Service Trail to honor Colorado First Responders with a $25,000 grant. I plan to continue supporting the community and the partnerships we’ve built.”

Dion wants everyone to know that at Safeway, they are always changing, revamping and building their business here in Estes Park to make sure that they can better serve our community. Safeway is proud to be a founding member of the new Chamber of Commerce and he looks forward to working with other local businesses.

When asked what his goals and future plans are, Dion stated that “Communication is really important and as a store director, I need feedback from the community to ensure our partnership continues to thrive. I encourage customers to tell me what’s working and what they like. I also want to hear about areas where we might have opportunities to improve. I have not worked in the summer season in Estes Park prior to being here but I’m gearing up and I am ready for the challenge. My goal is to build a bond with my local customers and community, hopefully on a first name basis, so when the busy summer months are upon us, people feel comfortable reaching out to me.”

Dion currently lives in Broomfield with his wife Jessica and their two kids: Aidan-15 and Bodhi-4.

Next time you’re in Safeway and happen to see Dion hard at work, take a moment and say “Hello” and introduce yourself. Welcome Dion to Estes Park, we look forward to working with you.

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