Help Hurricane Dorian Survivors –  How You Can Help

The devastation is real. The devastation will be long term and the beautiful people of the Bahamas need our help.

If you’ve ever been to the “real Bahamas,” the communities beyond the resorts and casinos, you will find incredibly friendly people living a life not many Americans have ever experienced. The island setting is beautiful but the economy and living conditions paint a very different picture. Jobs are scarce, a gallon of milk will cost the locals $10.00 and the infrastructure such as power and clean water are inconsistent at best. This describes Abaco Island before Hurricane Dorian.

The reported death toll is 45 but the local Bahama press reported the estimate could be more than 3000.

An organized response from the Bahamian government has been slow and very much disorganized. Yet the need is immediate and the help can come from you directly into the hands of a family in need.

Carol Beard, at the Farmhouse Market here in Estes Park, who with her husband has been visiting the Abaco and Eluthera Islands for 19 years doing missions work with the Bahamian & Haitian communities. Beard has established an “on the ground” team that is distributing gift certificates to the refugees who have landed in Eleuthera Island from Abaco and Freeport. Beard says, “These families have lost everything as well as access to money, jobs and basic living essentials. With our contacts, anyone can purchase these gift certificates for the hurricane survivors by calling “The Market Place Grocery Store, in Rock Sound, Eleuthera +1 242-334-2254. These certificates will be in their hands without any delay and also without any organization taking any portion of the funds. 100% of the donations will be given to the survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

The majority of the people sent to Eleuthera arrived with only the clothes on their backs. They lost their jobs, homes, food, vehicles and not to mention family members and loved ones. We have heard reports that babies have been in the same diapers for six days.

“People are confused right now, people are angry, people are tired," McKenzie said. "We eat everything in this boat [referring to the mail boat] because there wasn’t no food. I had to leave my wife, my children, so many people laying on the ground in the moldy house."

Please join us in giving immediate and practical support to the survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

If you would like to help the ease the suffering of these survivors you may contact the following:

Market Place Store, Meridian Hwy, Rock Sound, The Bahamas, Phone: +1 242-334-2254.

Thomas Sands – Owner

Chandra Sands

Jasmin Rahming

If you would like more information you can talk to Carol Beard Friday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Farmhouse Market 423 W. Elkhorn Ave. here in Estes Park.

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