Quota Club Donates To Estes Park Police Dept. K9 Program

This week Police Chief Wes Kufeld and Captain Eric Rose accepted a check from Quota Club member Kris Hazelton, on behalf of the entire Estes Park Quota Club. The funds will go towards the new EPPD K9 program. Members of Quota Club were treated to a special presentation by Capt. Rose and Officer Otazua at their most recent meeting and everyone was excited to fully support this very worthwhile program.

Although K9s are assets to a law enforcement team, they come at a great cost. EPPD is now trying to raise $80,000 to pay for the new police dog, a special vehicle equipped with safety features for the dog and other expenses related to this new program. Fundraising efforts are off to a great start thanks to donations from the community and other local organizations but they are still in need more funds to reach their goal.

Estes Park Police Officer Mikel Otazua has been selected to be the very first K9 handler for the Estes Park Police Department. Officer Otazua recently began his K9 handler training with the Loveland Police Department. It won’t be long and EPPD will begin the recruitment of the specific K9 to join their program. The costs to develop this program are considerable, although the return on investment to the community includes many long-term benefits for our community’s safety. To help the Estes Park Police Department cover the costs, they’ve established this fundraising campaign that will help them launch the program and continue operations in the future. Tax-deductible donations will help EPPD fund everything from dog food and toys, to veterinary care, to the dog’s vest and badge, to K9 unit training, to the custom-built kennel the dog will live in at Otazua’s home. In addition to accepting general donations, the fully outfitted K9 unit vehicle must be purchased as well.

You or your organization can help as well! Learn more about the EPPD's fundraising efforts to launch their K9 program at www.estes.org/K9. Donations of all amounts are appreciated!

For more information, or to schedule an officer presentation on the K9 program, please call Captain Eric Rose at 970-577-3827.

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