Quota Helps Provide Ambulance #22 For Estes Park Health

We all hope we’ll never need the services of an ambulance but we certainly want to be able to count on one if we do.

The Estes Park Health Ambulance Service covers approximately 1,000 square miles answering calls from Allenspark, Big Elk Meadows, Estes Park, Glen Haven and Pinewood Springs. After many years in service and over 180,000 miles, the oldest ambulance unit in the fleet is now in need of retirement. A new, fully equipped ambulance will cost upwards of $250,000. Our ambulances here must be equipped to handle mountain driving anywhere in our community as well as have the most up to date technical equipment to be able to respond to any emergency in our community.

This week, members of the Estes Park Health Foundation, personnel from the Estes Park Health Ambulance crews and Estes Park Quota gathered to celebrate the arrival of a new ambulance which will service the Estes Valley.

Since 1949 when Quota Club of Estes Park raised funds to provide the Estes Valley with their first ambulance, Quota has continued that commitment. This week, they donated funds for ambulance number 22!

Donations come to the Quota ambulance account from two sources;

The E.P. Quota medical equipment Loan Closet, where a majority of the donations go into the ambulance account. The Loan Closet is run by 14 volunteer Quotarian women, available to visitors and local residents 365 days a year.

The second source, accounting for the majority of their donations is collected by the Ambulance Fund Drive. The drive runs every three to four years. Starting in September, five Quota women; Barb Lister, Patricia Gaultier-Owen, Sheila Ellzey and Jean Siddle, sent out 11,000 letters, to all full and part-time residents requesting donations for their ambulance drive. Kris & Gary Hazelton of the EP News bring in donations from visitors and residents as well, with postings of the Ambulance Fund Drive in the newspaper.

Members of Quota were honored to present a check in the amount of $52,000.00 to Kevin Mullin, President of the Estes Park Health Foundation and to Guy Beasley for the 22nd ambulance. The EP Health Ambulance crew is a group of dedicated men and women who provide a service for the thousands of residents in Estes Valley and for the millions of visitors to the Estes Valley and Rocky Mountain National Park.

It has always been the goal of Estes Park Quota to keep our ambulance fleet strong. This new ambulance is now in service, and is also debuting the brand new logo for Estes Park Quota.

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