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Families For Estes Extends Many Thanks

Dear Editor:

I would like to send a big thank you out to Starbucks. For the past two years Families For Estes has provided a concession stand at Saturday soccer games. For these games Starbucks graciously donates coffee and hot chocolate to our cause. All of the food and drinks at the stand are sold by donation only; we could not do this without the help of Starbucks.

Thank you to Jody and Natalie Eamonn who deliver the coffee and hot chocolate personally every Saturday, it is a big help. I would also like to thank all of the people who donated to our cause and to those of you who volunteered and helped make the stand possible. We also appreciate the use of the Recreation District’s tent. Families For Estes is non-profit organization striving to make the Estes Valley a more family oriented community.  The money raised from the concession stands is going towards a remodel of the Stanley Park playground and bathroom facilities. As a Families For Estes member we are continually looking for ways we can add to this town and we appreciate the support we receive from this great community.

Tisha Goodemote
Families For Estes Member

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