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Facts About UTSD Election

Dear Editor:

There is a flyer circulating in Estes Park containing a number of inaccuracies about the Upper Thompson Sanitation District and the May 6th Board of Directors election. Here is the truth compared to the scare tactics in the flyer:

1. UTSD is listed on the Larimer County property tax rolls, but both the mill levy and the amount of tax are ZERO. The current board works to keep it that way.

2. Merging UTSD and the Estes Park Sanitation District needs to be financially feasible, environmentally prudent, voted on by the users of both districts, and approved by State and other governing jurisdictions. At today’s technology and using today’s dollars, such a merger would cost $10-to-$12-million. If the State or federal government requires installation of a membrane filtration system, the merger cost would rise to $20-million. Is that a wise expenditure?

3. UTSD does NOT impose a property tax, so you can’t raise what you don’t collect.

4. UTSD is one of the most financially sound Special Districts in Colorado and one of the few that doesn’t have a tax. The current Board intends to keep it that way.

Voters for the Board of Directors of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District need to have the facts, not empty promises, when they vote. Doug Fox, Jack Reed, and Bob Ryan now serve on the board and would appreciate your vote in the May 6th election. They know the facts and they know when the voters are being deceived.

Ron Kuhns, member
Board of Directors
Upper Thompson Sanitation District

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