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Expressing Questions And Concerns About West Elkhorn Development

To the Editor:

We as residents of Estes Park, the Elkhorn Club Estates, citizens and taxpayers, wish to express our questions, concerns and recommendations to the Planning Commissioners and Trustees on the Proposed West Elkhorn Development.

This, according to the city Planning Office, is the single largest development the town of Estes Park has ever reviewed. Therefore, the following significant issues should be addressed and resolved, prior to the approval and implementation of any portion of this project.

The overall plan and development of the West Elkhorn Project must:

1). Protect and maintain the natural beauty, scenic vistas, river systems, wetlands and wildlife habitat as recommended by the written preferred direction of the Estes Valley Comprehensive plan.

2). Promote a man-made development that is in harmony with the environment, the natural beauty, and quality of life in the Elkhorn Club Estates community, the town of Estes Park, and the Estes Park Valley. This proposed development should also protect and preserve the existing historic Buildings on the property.

3). This proposed development should NOT create a negative impact on the local Estes economy by creating a huge surplus in commercial, retail, and residential property during a significant and perhaps prolonged period of economic downturn on a national scale.

4). A very detailed and accurate study should be conducted by the city planner, and the county commissioners of the Elkhorn Project to determine their total cost involved in completing this project ….including roads, water systems, maintenance, fire and police protection and the impact on the fiscal stability of the city and local taxpayers.

ls it possible that the planning for this project is on a FAST TRACK to meet the developers deadlines? A project of this magnitude takes a great deal of detailed planning, study and evaluation necessary for implementation. This cannot be accomplished in a matter of weeks or even months. Is enough being done to ensure that the approval of this development is conducted with the proper study and evaluation of the ACTUAL impact on the Estes Park Community?

In summary, a well planned and well executed development of the West Elkhorn Property could become a positive addition to the Estes Community, economy and natural beauty of the surrounding area. We are extremely concerned that the proposed development, in its’ present form, does not accomplish these goals and objectives.

Eileen Allbritten, Pam Peterson, Don Peterson, Dawn Janov, Ruth Petersen, Paul Yoder, Fern Yoder, Wes Allbritten, Judy Schreiber, Marie Steinbrecher, Thomas Egan, Lori Egan, Steve Smithson, Julie Manahan, Neil Casey, Marianne Casey, L.E. Daley, Zach Miller, Matthew Lake, Steven Hall, Rhonda Kitsmiller, Diane Kuligowski, Jane Clevenger, John Spahnle, Winifred Spahnle, Bonnie Watson, Edward O’Farrell, Dave Jackson, E.M. Weaver, Lois Weaver, Nick Merchant, Denny Musick, Jacquie Buckert, Ken Buckert and Jacqueline Love.

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