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By: Estes Valley Citizens for Community and Recreation, Jim Martinsen Treasurer

Will there be a year-round indoor walkway in the new Community Center?

There will be a warm water pool in the expanded Aquatic Center.  What is a warm water pool?

The warm water pool is warmer than the current lap pool and will greatly enhance swimming facilities for adults and children.

The Recreation District currently offers an American Arthritis Association sanctioned class called Twinges in the Hinges.  This class is held at the Good Samaritan Village because the Aquatic Center does not have a warm water pool (90 degree temperature is required). The class of 8 to 10 people is growing too large for the space at Good Sam. The warm water pool will be able to accommodate at least twenty people. With a warm water pool the Recreation District will be able to offer this and other programs to more of the community.

A warm water pool also will greatly enhance the District’s growing “learn to swim programs.” Babies and preschoolers have a high sensitivity to cold water and often have blue lips before the lessons are over. With a warm water pool small children will have an enjoyable introduction to swimming.

Facilities with a warm water pool allow lap swimmers to rest for a few minutes before they shower. Families, after a long playtime in the main water can also warm up in the warm water pool.
Other mountain communities use their warm water pools as an appeal to visitors.

Will the use of rooms at the Community Center be free to the public?

Classrooms and meeting rooms are free to community groups. So music rehearsals, public lectures, board and other community meetings will not be charged a fee. Fees will be collected from individuals or organizations that conduct fee-based classes.

The Community Center will offer the community year-round indoor recreational opportunities. But someone has to run these programs. Who is going to do that?

Yes, the Community Center itself is a means to an end, the end of providing the community year round recreational opportunities.  The Recreation District developed a budget for the operation of the new center.  Included in these costs was a part-time (thirty hours a week) program manager to develop and coordinate these new indoor activities. Also included in the budget were contract instructors who will be hired to conduct the various classes from art to exercise.

The expenses of the new center are budgeted at $443,000 including utilities, maintenance and custodial staff, life guards as well as the program staff mentioned above. Revenues are anticipated to cover three-fourths of these costs ($303,000) so that the public is being asked in the mill levy to provide the last one quarter of costs, or $140,000.
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