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Everyone Deserves Health Care

Dear Editor,

The time for health care reform is here. Both families and businesses need a solution to the stress and pain inflicted by our broken system. As you know, change has been attempted in the past, but strong lobbyists have blocked it with millions of dollars and outright lies.

Forty-six million Americans are uninsured. Half of all personal bankruptcies stem from medical expenses.
Small businesses cannot afford coverage for their employees with the cost of insurance premiums growing four times faster than wages.

President Obama has challenged Congress to pass REAL health care reform by the end of 2009. His plan includes the following three points:

Reduce cost by improving efficiency and investing in preventative care.

Guarantee every American the right to choose a plan and doctor – including a public insurance option.

Ensure quality, affordable care for every American.

Please contact our Colorado representatives in the U.S. Congress and ask them to work and vote for the President’s plan. All our brother and sisters deserve medical care.

Senator Michael Bennett: 202-224-2200
Senator Mark Udall: 202-224-5941
Representative Betsy Markey: 970-221-77110

Thank you.
Louise Olson
Estes Park

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