On Friday, May 31, 2019, the Estes Park Museum will reopen its doors to the public. The gallery has been closed since October 2018 to complete an interior remodel project and collections move. The first 100 visitors to the Museum on May 31 will receive an Estes Park Museum tote bag and other Museum goodies. Following the opening, the Museum will be open year-round, Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Museum lobby after the remodel.

The purpose behind the remodel, funded by the Town with contributions by the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. (EPMF&F), is to enhance the visitor experience with improvements to the meeting/programming room, creating a more personal guest welcome experience in the foyer, and upgrading and expanding staff and volunteer office space. The meeting/programming room has become more personable and friendly by rotating the setup to shrink the space between the presenter and the audience, adding an additional screen for presentations, and taking advantage of the acoustic layout. Foyer improvements include a gallery host desk that welcomes guests directly into the gallery space. The gallery enhancements entail a defined space for a new film, funded by the EPMF&F, that introduces visitors to the Museum and the history of Estes Park. An additional gallery space, the High-Country Hangout has been created to encourage learning through play for families and children. An additional area of improvement was the Shop, operated by the EPMF&F, creating a better area for merchandise display and a designated space for shop volunteers.

Museum staff cleans and prepares artifacts to return to display.

Coinciding with the remodel, staff was able to successfully move roughly 30,000 artifacts to the Museum Annex. This included all on-site and off-site items within the Museum collection that will now be housed properly in a temperature and humidity controlled, secure environment while fundraising for a new Collections and Research Facility continues. While the project was overseen and coordinated by Museum staff, several Town departments, a number of dedicated volunteers, and the use of the First Colorado Realty moving van made the move possible.

The mission of the Estes Park Museum is to conduct activities that preserve, share and respect the unique history of Estes Park. For more information, call the Estes Park Museum at 970-586-6256 or visit the Museum's website at www.estes.org/museum.

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