Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park is “Making Connections and Restoring Hope!” Executive Director, Brian Schaffer shared the stark reality of how living in our town is a challenge, but not impossible when neighbors step up to help those in need. Schaffer said, “We had an elderly neighbor come to us who was under a heavy load of stress due to the fact she is confined to living on a fixed income each month. An unexpected medical issue came up that she couldn’t afford without taking money from her envelope for rent and there wasn’t any extra money in savings to pull from either. She had a tough decision to make because she desperately needed to seek medical attention for her condition, but if she pursued this there wouldn’t be enough money left to pay her rent. Her options were: to be sick in housing or to face eviction with good health. While meeting with our case manager she was reassured that there was a solution for her situation. Together we were able to make arrangements for her to get groceries from our food pantry as well as a voucher to cover her housing expense for a month. She came to Crossroads with little hope of things getting better and left with a sense of restored hope in a community that cares about the things that are going on in her life.” Crossroads Ministry has always been known for helping neighbors in need and it’s made possible through generous people who give of their time, talent, and treasures to make it happen.

We are sponsoring this concert with Cowboy Brad to kick-off our Neighbors in Need Challenge to raise $50,000 that will be matched dollar-for-dollar by one of our generous donors. The concert is free, but there will be donation containers at the doors for whatever you'd like to contribute to our cause.

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