Every town has one, as one of our supporters has said. Providing that all who value the preservation of an exceedingly prominent historic place respond strongly right now, Estes Park will also have one soon.

The beautiful pictures you see capture the magnificence of this 1904 home, but the architectural magnificence must be accompanied by the story of the community builders who lived there.

Enos Mills said that “the day of F.O. Stanley’s arrival in Estes Park was the epoch-making event in the history of the Park.” Few would debate that fact.

The Estes Park Mountaineer stated that, “Mr. Stanley’s name will always be associated with the upbuilding of the Park, making a place delightful for all the people.” And few would debate that fact.

Estes Park has the once in a lifetime opportunity to set aside a window to the past, to be enjoyed by thousands in decades to come. Every town does not have a founding visionary of the caliber of F.O. Stanley.

It does have the opportunity to set aside for all times, not only a spectacular 1904 home, viewing the soaring peaks to the west, coupled with one of the most inspiring stories of human achievement to be heard. This achievement in our time will result in one of the great house museums in America.

Please consider the importance of citizens joining forces to act before it is too late by donating now. Visit our website today at www.historicstanleyhome.org and follow the prompts to join this cause. You may also call Tom Shamburg at (970) 590-9468 or email us at stanleyhistorichome@gmail.com.

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