Colorado Gives Day

Crossroad’s Executive Director, Brian Schaffer, invites everyone in the Estes Valley to participate in Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, December 10th. “For the last 37 years Crossroads Ministry has been actively involved in caring for people after disasters, emergencies, and seasons of great need. There’s no need for our local government to fund a public assistance office because Crossroads has stepped up to fill this role. When compared to a typical public assistance office funded by tax payers and operated by a government agency, Crossroads offers similar resources, but the big difference is how we are staffed with volunteers who love their neighbors through demonstrable acts of compassion. Our hope is that everyone will experience a big dose of kindness, gentleness, joyfulness, and a peaceful feeling as neighbors are finding help for whatever is going on in their life. For some it could be a temporary fix whereas for others it may be on-going support, but no matter what it is we’re committed to stand beside people in our community. We believe no one should go hungry in our town, so we maintain a fully-stocked food pantry to be able to offer food as a first response in meeting needs. However, what we’ve discovered is that people are hungry for more than just food to feed the body, but a desire to live within a loving community where they can have healthy and meaningful relationships. I think we’re doing a great job of building relationships of trust that allow our volunteers to interact with our clients in a way that no other agency can come close to providing. We believe unconditional love is transformative and can change lives from the inside out. For us to continue doing what we do best we need people to help us fund the services that cost money. Time and talents can take us quite a ways in meeting needs, but it’s the treasures that are needed to pay rent, purchase food, and sustain a building where a majority of our work takes place. Some of you can give a lot for those who need a lot while others can give a little for those who need a little. This coming Tuesday is Colorado Gives Day and we would be honored if you would make a donation in the name of Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park. Visit and type in our name to make the donation. Thank you!”

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