Candidate For Town Trustee Barbara MacAlpine

My educational background includes a BA in Psychology and an MA in Library Science. My husband and I raised our two children on a farm outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. They attended school in the nearest town (Dexter, population 3,000+), and we appreciated the closeness of that community along with the advantages of a small town.

I was a professional librarian at the University of Michigan, Washtenaw Community College (Ann Arbor), and Trinity University (San Antonio). At Trinity, I was a Professor and the Science Librarian, taught classes on information literacy and on environmental issues, and served on the Faculty Senate. My time and efforts spent as the Honor Code faculty advisor and as co-coordinator of a new campus center for learning and teaching were recognized with the Trinity Faculty Distinguished Service Award. I was also elected and served nationally as Chair of the American Library Association’s Science and Technology Section, a 1500+ member organization of science librarians in the U.S. and Canada.

After visiting Estes Park on numerous occasions, we moved here full-time six years ago, following the birth of our first grandchild in Boulder. At that time, I joined the Estes Valley Community Garden Board and have served three terms as its president or vice-president. I am starting my sixth year as Volunteer Coordinator for the garden and continue to be amazed at the level of generosity and volunteerism in this community. I am also the treasurer of my HOA Board.

We are enjoying the advantages of living in a close-knit town again; it offers us the opportunity to contribute our talents and try to make a difference. As a librarian and educator, I developed organizational skills and gained extensive experience researching issues. As a trustee, I would bring a thorough, thoughtful approach to problem solving, with decisions that take into account different needs of the community.

As your Trustee, I pledge to:

--Bring members of the Community together. Various issues have divided people, but in the long run we have many similar goals. I am known as a good listener, have worked with a wide range of people over the years, and would actively solicit input from all our citizens to find common ground for discussion and cooperation.

--Help to facilitate updating of the Comprehensive Plan, taking into account pressures for land use, economic vitality, residents’ concerns for quality of life, wildlife, and the future of our extraordinary natural environment.

--Contribute to solutions for Estes Park’s pressing problems, including affordable housing, essential childcare, workforce needs, downtown planning, recognition and involvement of disenfranchised groups, and the accommodation of growth and development. I would encourage sustainable solutions, while making sure everyone’s needs are taken into account in our evolving circumstances.

--Work toward more inclusive means of communication between the Board and the community. Everyone has the right to be heard and respected. I would promote more accessible options for all our citizens to voice their concerns easily, in public or private, in person or online.

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