KREV-LP Seeking Underwriters

Your business or organization can receive on-air recognition as an underwriter of KREV-LP. Becoming an underwriter is easy by going to, clicking on the “Become an Underwriter” tab, and filling out the form. We will contact you to complete the process.

In addition to support for 2020 programming and daily operations, the station needs to fund moving the transmitter and tower to a new location. The Town of Estes Park has acquired the building we had occupied to be used as the center for the coming broadband service, so we have arranged for a nearby location for the tower.

We have moved our studio to another location but the transmitter and tower remain at the current location under a short-term lease. The FCC and the Town of Estes Park have granted the needed permits for the new location. However, as winter approaches, the weather may complicate the needed construction.

A precise time table for the move has not been determined, but we will be off the air for a day or two in late November while the physical move of the tower and transmitter and needed electrical connections are completed.

KREV-LP operates 24/7 at 104.7 FM. KREV-LP’s internet streaming at allows many seasonal residents to stay in touch with happenings in the Estes Valley, increasing listenership across the country.

Underwriting opportunities are available for a number of the daily or weekly programs that offer a diverse mixture focusing on a variety of music, community specific information, and educational, religious, and secular programs. Both corporate and individual underwriters are welcome, and Pay Pal donations at are easy. Donations are tax exempt and can be sent directly to KREV-LP, 1509 Fish Hatchery Road, Estes Park, Colorado 80517.

The operating budget of KREV-LP includes annual license fees to BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, rent and utilities, monthly fees for transmitter and data services, and support for a part-time technician. All other staffing, programming and support services are provided by community volunteers. The main sources of income include underwriting of programs by businesses and individuals and donations from listeners.

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