Wendy Koenig-Schuett

I am Wendy Koenig-Schuett, a candidate to become your mayor. Here’s my story.

My parents moved from Boulder and I attended school K-12 in Estes Park, graduating in 1973. I am a two-time USA Olympian running the 800m; participating in my first Olympics while a senior in high school. I attended Colorado State University on a track scholarship and received the first Mencimer Memorial Award for most outstanding student-athlete.

In 1987, I returned to Estes Park to raise my three children in a community that cares about the individual accomplishments of our youth. To provide a living for my family, I worked three jobs, sometimes commuting to Fort Collins.

I opened Community Hearing Center and provided audiology services from 1989- 2017 at my office as well as the Estes Park Medical Center and the Prospect Park Nursing home. I donated my services to the school district to test the hearing of our children in Estes Park for many years with the help of the Estes Park Lions Club. Teaming up with Quota Club and Lions Club, many received hearing aids from my office at no charge. My services were donated.

I served on a variety of Community Boards, including: Estes Park Medical Center, 10 years--one year as President; Estes Park Senior Center, one term; St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church Vestry, one term. And from 2010 – 2018 I served as a Town Board Trustee, including one term as Mayor Pro Tem. In 1991, I joined the Estes Park Lions Club and served as their first female president. I remain a proud member today. When my son and his friends had no Webelos leader for cub scouting, I became their leader and parents provided programs for our Flying Eagles.

As your Mayor, I pledge to:

• Represent all residents in all matters that come before me.

• Actively listen to opinions of residents as I deliberate on those matters.

• Explain my positions on key issues, initiatives, referenda and policies which may affect residents, businesses and the Town.

• Foster a respectful and productive work culture among Town Employees and Town Board of Trustees by encouraging their full participation in discussions and planning that result in fiscally sound solutions beneficial to residents, businesses and visitors.

• During week one of my term, schedule professional instruction for Town Board Trustees and myself regarding the ethics policies contained in the Town Board Policy manual including recusal circumstances and procedures for disclosure. And to have such instruction provided to us annually for the duration of my tenure.

• In the first 90 days of my term, hold a series of events through which input will be solicited from young families about quality of life issues they face by residing in our Town.

• Request Town departments and Town supported entities to annually report to residents about emerging issues, trends and challenges.

• Review Master Plans of the Town—giving emphasis to uncompleted projects—to determine, which projects are relevant to current citizen project goals, and are cost effective enabling planning for completion of projects.

• Moving Forward Together

This pledge and my desire to further serve Estes as its mayor are heartfelt. During all my years here—in business and serving on various community boards—I have strived to establish a reputation as one who actively listens, explains the reasons for my decisions and is transparent in all I do. I am passionate about improving the quality of lives for youth and young families. I am asking you, as a voter, to allow me to continue my passion for moving our community forward in this new decade! Let us Move Forward Together.

Wendy Koenig

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