Stormwater Management Project

The Estes Park Town Board and Larimer County Board of Commissioners will hold a joint meeting Wednesday, May 15, at 5:30 p.m. in the Town Board Room of Town Hall, 170 MacGregor Ave. The boards will discuss the proposed Estes Valley Stormwater Management Program and the associated utility. The public is encouraged to attend and comment. Comments may also be submitted to the Town Clerk at Town Hall (Room 130) or by emailing by 5 p.m. on May 13. This meeting will be streamed live and recorded for viewing later at

A potential Stormwater Management Program could help reduce future flood damages, reduce the number of properties located within floodplain boundaries, and reduce the cost of flood insurance for private property owners. The project could be managed by a new utility, and funded in part by fees assessed on properties within the Estes Valley, sales tax or grants. Staff will present results from the most recent public outreach process and discuss options for funding this program. At a future date, the boards will determine if this program will proceed and how it would be funded.

Property owners have provided valuable feedback on this important topic during outreach efforts in 2018 and 2019. A survey in 2018 indicated the public wanted detailed information on potential fees. Once this information became available, staff conducted the most recent survey which resulted in over 900 responses and thousands of comments. The results from all of the outreach are posted on the Stormwater webpage,

To summarize:

63% agree stormwater drainage problems exist.

70% agree the Town and County should act to address flooding risk.

52% indicate a user fee of some amount should be part of the program funding solution; 48% feel the user fees should be zero or less than 5% of the program costs.

71% suggest a sales tax should be used to fund 40% to 100% of the program costs.

53% of respondents feel grants should pick up more than 20% of the program cost; 95% feel grants should provide more than 5% of the program revenue. [Note: additional local match funds (typically 20% -50%) are required in order to receive grant funding.]

71% feel the proposed stormwater management fees are too high.

71% favor funding some type of stormwater utility; 30% want it to start now; 29% want a different approach, such as not moving forward.

Information about the proposed Estes Valley Stormwater Management Program is available at For more information, contact Christy Crosser at or 970-577-3574.

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