Colorado Tandem Bicycling Club

The Colorado Tandem Bicycling Club (CTC) will be coming to Estes Park, August 16 -18th. The CTC is a 25-year-old club who is dedicated to the promotion of safe, courteous and fun tandem bicycle riding. The club boasts almost 100 members of which five live right here in Estes Park. These local club members, Sandy and Pat Begley, Doug Miller and Becky Day, Ed and Marlene Hayek, John and Kathy Long, and Lance Foss and Lisa Zahn are opening their houses up to other CTC members for a fun social weekend of riding in this area.

“Tandem riding can be much different than riding a single bike” says member Doug Miller who also is the past president of the club. “But it is not for all. Communication and trust are the keys to be a successful long-time riding team.” Doug should know, he and his wife have been riding tandems for 30 years now. The front person, often called the “captain,” does most of the work – shifting, steering and braking whereas the rear person, called either the “stoker” or “rear admiral” provides power throughout the ride and can really enjoy the scenery as the bike moves along.

So, Estes residents be on the lookout for about 20 tandem teams riding around the area of the weekend of August 16-18th. You will see them on Dry Gulch, Fish Creek and into the Park when they ride up and over Deer Ridge on Highway 34. Once the tough riding is over the club will enjoy lunch in a restaurant in Estes and a BBQ at one of the hosts houses.

Further information about the Colorado Tandem Club can be found on their web page, their face book page or you can contact them at

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