Real Time Resource Shows Available Parking In Estes Park

The Town of Estes Park’s Parking & Transit Division has launched a new resource for those looking to find available parking in downtown Estes Park. There are two ways to access the resource:

1. Download the “Estes Parking” app for free at either the Google Play Store (Android devices) or App Store (Apple devices); or

2. Visit for a direct link to a mobile-friendly and responsive web version. No downloads necessary.

Parking availability is presented in two formats – a list view, which outlines the Town-owned parking facilities by name; and a map view – which shows the Town-owned parking facilities on a Google Map. Depending on how full a particular facility is, viewers will see a green happy face (indicating “Good” parking availability), a yellow serious face (indicating “Fair” parking availability) or a red unhappy face (indicating “Poor” parking availability).

Both the web and app versions allow users to view the characteristics of a specific parking facility (e.g., types of parking available – RV/oversized vehicle, Electric Vehicle) and include pictures of each facility’s entrance. There is also a “Take Me There” option that will automatically open an individual’s preferred mapping app (e.g., Google Maps) directing the driver to the facility.

The parking availability information is powered by the Town’s new mobile License Plate Recognition vehicle which is also being used for parking enforcement and data collection purposes. For more information, visit or contact Vanessa Solesbee, Parking & Transit Manager at 970-577-3957 or

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