Candidate For Town Trustee Cindy Younglund

Name: Cindy Younglund

How long in Estes Park: Total of 46 years

Career Information: 1995- Present General Manager - Wildwood Inn, Estes Park CO

1991- 1995 Licensed Practical Nurse - worked and licensed in both Nebraska and Colorado with current license in Colorado;

1983-1989 Home Daycare provider, Nebraska;

1983-1990 Stapelman Natural Meats - involved directly with animal care as well as extensive clerical work with the family business;

Previous Participation on Committees: One term on board of Estes Park Chamber of Commerce; One of Four Founders of Estes Area Lodging Association, board member for numerous terms, and served as president for two terms; one term on Estes Park Wedding Association sub-committee.

Education: Estes Park High School; 1979

LPN - Northeast Community College, Norfolk NE, 1991

I was born and raised in Estes Park and attended K-12 in the Estes Park school district. My parents, Quentin and Lucille Younglund, owned and operated a couple of lodges and a successful general construction company in Estes Park since the late 1950s. Younglund Construction was known for quality custom homes as well as a prominent downtown icon, the beautiful Estes Park Bank across from Bond Park. After graduation, I left to attend college in Nebraska. During this time, I married into a farming family, started a family, and was heavily involved in establishing the country’s first organic pork production facility in Nebraska. Wanting to further my education, I returned to school and graduated from nursing school in Nebraska. In 1992, I returned to Estes Park - the town I always felt was home and a wonderful environment to raise my kids. Here I continued to work full-time in the nursing field while actively raising my three children. My parents asked me to join them in starting a new lodging venture adjacent to a lodge we used to own. The new venture, Wildwood Inn, began welcoming guests in 1995 and is considered as one of the premier family owned and operated Inn’s in the valley. I became very active in the lodging community serving on the final Chamber of Commerce board and being instrumental in the startup of Estes Area Lodging Association, that passion led me to serve several years as a board member as well as president. During this time, I sat on different committees of the wedding association.

I have seen many changes in the Estes valley throughout my life here and I understand the delicate balances between the needs of retirees, local businesses, as well as the young work force, giving me the unique ability to work together for common goals. My experience, both in family and in business as well as being open minded without many conflicts, makes me a strong candidate for the town board position. I am an active listener and not afraid to ask questions to learn the facts and different points of view before making decisions. I pride myself in thinking out of the box, looking for different and creative solutions or approaches to issues as I feel there is usually more than one creative and fair solution to issues. Although I do not have experience in town politics, I believe I have established a reputation as a hard worker, a go-getter, and willing to dedicate my time and effort to the position. I believe given a chance to represent the people of Estes Park as your trustee, you will find I will be fair and transparent and always willing to give my reasons for decisions I make.

Please mark my name, Cindy Younglund, as your choice as one of your trustees on the April 7th ballot.

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