Who Is Estes Park? Saving The Stories Of The Locals Who Lived It

Would you be willing to share the story of your time in Estes Park? Do you have a family member or friend you believe should be recorded for posterity? Can you think of one individual in Estes Park whose story you wish was captured?

Every year we are losing the stories of those who have shaped our community. By adding your name to a list of supporters, you can help museum staff fulfill a critical strategic goal and resume the audio-visual interviews of local individuals. Help the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation Inc. make the case as they bring awareness of this urgent need to our community and local leaders. The museum has the space for a professional recording studio, but needs the additional staff to support this service to Estes Park. For frequently asked questions, please go to tinyurl.com/yxtzzaqw

This oral history program is an invaluable community resource that documents Estes Park for generations. With these audio-visual recordings, we can continue to learn from the locals throughout time. We encourage you to add your name to the Statement of Support (see below). To do so, or for more information, please email Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation President Kurtis Kelly at kurtis@kurtiskelly.com.


I join the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation in recognizing the vital importance of documenting our local history by recording the memories of our longtime residents. Through these professionally-recorded interviews, using audio and video, we can preserve our unique and special local heritage, helping us understand the legacy that defines the present-day community we call home. This also fulfills an objective identified as a priority within the Museum's Strategic Plan. I am grateful for the hundreds of interviews that have been done in years past and recognize the urgency for new interviews to resume in 2020.

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