Estes Rocks

Megan Miller

Megan Miller recently started her own business called Estes Rocks where she hand-paints rocks and sells them as gifts, decorations, etc. She also specializes in custom orders where she personally designs rocks based on customer requests.

When asked where she got the idea for her new business, Megan said, “Painting rocks is a hobby I’ve enjoyed since I was really young. Living in the mountains, I would find rocks outside and paint them to use as backyard decorations and gifts. As I started to paint more rocks, my family and friends told me I should try to sell them. Taking their advice, Estes Rocks was born.”

Megan was born and raised in Estes and has lived here for 18 years. She is now a freshman in college and is very excited about starting and running her own small business. She said, “I designed and published my own website and have worked to obtain proper licenses. I am currently working towards a business degree, so Estes Rocks has been a great opportunity to apply what I am learning in my classes.”

Her rocks are individually selected from the landscapes of Colorado and are hand-painted and carefully crafted. From majestic scenes of the Rocky Mountains to playful smiling pals, each pebble and slab of stone is as different as the next. Customers can special order her unique products which are personally designed and hand-painted according to the customers specific request. The finished products are custom-created, one-of-a kind and very personal.

Megan said, “Rocks are as unique as people, which is why I design each masterpiece just as the customer requests. Maybe someone needs table decorations for a wedding reception or presents for a birthday or anniversary celebration. I can help with that! Estes Rocks specializes in custom orders. Send us a request and we will custom design, paint and deliver our products to you.”

The possibilities are endless with Estes Rocks. You can use painted rocks for anything: wedding favors, scavenger hunt prizes, table centerpiece elements, potted-plant decorations or simply as a gift for someone special. Sometimes it is difficult coming up with the perfect idea for the perfect occasion. The Estes Rocks gallery is meant to inspire you with ideas and provide some examples of what Megan can create for you. Make sure to check out her website/gallery at or send her an email at for any questions or to request custom ordered rocks. Also, check out Estes Rocks on her Facebook page and on Instagram.

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