Community Service Officers 2019

Officer Curt Plassmeyer, Michael Madachy, Zach Hoffman, Fiona Tanner, Maverick Sambrano, Alex Winters, David Phares, Brady Hahn, Isabell Pfeil.  Courtesy photo Estes Park Police Dept.

The Estes Park Police Department’s community service officers (CSOs) are at their posts for the summer. These hardworking seasonal employees serve as ambassadors in the downtown corridor. This year the CSOs will be focused on the Elkhorn Avenue intersections, aiming to keep pedestrians out of intersections between walk cycles and cars out of intersections during walk cycles. During times of extremely heavy vehicle traffic, they will be seen directing traffic as necessary to ease congestion. In addition, CSOs will be on foot patrol assisting sworn officers. The CSOs are supervised by Officer Curt Plassmeyer.

Estes Park Police Department’s downtown staffing for 2019:

Officer Curt Plassmeyer moved from Idaho to Estes Park with his wife and two daughters in 2014. Curt has been a law enforcement officer for 10 years. He is currently the school resource officer during the school year and the CSO supervisor during the summer. Curt also conducts violent intruder (ALICE) trainings for the community, is a member of the Rooftop Rodeo committee, and coaches youth basketball and volleyball. Curt enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hunting, fishing and playing golf.

Isabelle Pfeil is from Madison, Wisconsin. She moved to Colorado to attend Colorado State University, where she is studying Communications and Criminal Justice. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, a Ram Welcome Leader, and is very excited to work in Estes Park this summer.

David Phares grew up in Estes Park and was part of the Estes Park High School graduating class of 2018. He will attend Colorado State University to study Criminology and will pursue a career in law enforcement. He has a passion for traveling and is very excited to work downtown and meet people from around the world as they visit Estes Park.

Michael Madachy is a native of Colorado. This is Michael’s fourth year as a CSO. He recently graduated from Colorado State University where he earned a degree in Criminology with a minor in Business. He is happy to be back for another year serving Estes Park’s citizens and guests.

Brady Hann is a Colorado native, born and raised in the Denver metro area. Brady is currently attending Colorado State University, studying Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and a double minor in Business Administration and Ethnic Studies. He has a passion for both participating in and watching sports.

Alex Winters was born in Wisconsin and moved to Colorado at a young age. He attends Colorado State University and is pursuing a degree in Criminology with a minor in Business Administration. Alex loves to hike, hunt, and experience the outdoors which has led him to work at the Estes Park Police Department.

Fiona Tanner is happy to be back for her third year serving Estes Park as a CSO. She earned a degree in Sociology with a minor in Spanish at Colorado State University and looks forward to a career in Criminal Justice. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in May 2019 and will work toward her doctorate in the Social Sciences.

Maverick Sambrano is originally from San Bernardino, California. He moved to Colorado with his family in 2016. He is attending the University of Northern Colorado with a major in Criminal Justice. Maverick is excited to start a career in law enforcement and will graduate in May 2020. Maverick loves the outdoors and likes to hunt, fish and off-road as much as possible.

Zach Hoffman is from the Denver area and is now a student at Colorado State University. He is beginning his senior year with a major in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology. Zach is also using this position to begin his career in law enforcement. In his free time Zach enjoys raising chickens and ducks, woodworking and making furniture.

These officers will be visible throughout the downtown area seven days a week from Memorial Day until mid-August and on weekends through September. Police Chief Wes Kufeld, who once served as a CSO himself, believes in the importance of this program. He stated, “We strive to provide a safe environment for all who enjoy Estes Park. Our CSOs are a great addition and they are ready to assist with public safety needs in our downtown area.” For more information, visit the Estes Park Police Department at 170 MacGregor Ave. or call 970-586-4000.

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