Ronald Duell

In recognition of nearly four decades of serving the local community, Ronald Duell from the Upper Thompson Sanitation District has been presented with a Years of Dedicated Service Award from the Special District Association of Colorado.

The Special District Association of Colorado (SDA) recognized Mr. Duell at the SDA Annual Awards Luncheon as part of the SDA Annual Conference which was held September 18-20 in Keystone, Colorado.

Mr. Duell began working at the Upper Thompson Sanitation District in 1979 as the Superintendent of the Collection Department. In 1989, he was promoted to District Manager and served in that role until his retirement in 2002. In 2010, Mr. Duell was appointed to the Board of Directors, and he has served continuously on the Board since then. As District Manager, Mr. Duell spearheaded multiple infrastructure projects; eliminated debt; fostered strong relationships with customers and municipal partners; and developed an outstanding staff and business culture. He was also awarded SDA’s Distinguished Manager Award in 2000. In his role as a Board member, Mr. Duell’s continued contribution to the District’s long-term strategic plan to provide exceptional wastewater service to the Estes Valley is invaluable due to his knowledge of wastewater collection and treatment as well as his institutional familiarity with the District’s infrastructure.

During his tenure as both District Manager and Board member, Mr. Duell helped lead the District through significant losses from two historical floods. In 1982, he was heavily involved with emergency sewer repair work resulting from the Lawn Lake Flood. Years later, as a Board member for the District, Mr. Duell’s valuable experience, historical knowledge, and insight helped guide the District through emergency repairs when the devastating 2013 floodwaters damaged miles of District sewer system.

Mr. Duell has also played a key role in retiring multiple bonds and acquiring property on which to build a new wastewater treatment facility, a project that will allow the District to serve the community for the next 50 years and beyond. Mr. Duell advises on critical issues, shares his knowledge, and never waivers from what is ultimately best for the District and its customers.

Ann Terry, SDA’s Executive Director, was thrilled to recognize the exceptional work of Mr. Duell. “Ronald is a very deserving winner of this award, and we are pleased for the opportunity to honor him and the extraordinary contributions he has made to his district.”

About the Special District Association of Colorado-The Special District Association of Colorado (SDA) is a statewide membership organization created in 1975 to serve the interests of the special district form of local government in Colorado. Special districts fill a vital role in providing many of the basic services and public needs of the people of Colorado, including fire and rescue services; water and wastewater treatment and delivery; parks and recreation amenities; hospitals; libraries; and cemeteries. SDA has close to 2,050 district members and over 300 associate members.

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