Hobert Office Services Under  New Ownership

Ken and Marsha and Anil and Kristina.

Hobert Office Services, started by Ken and Marsha Hobert, has been serving the Estes Park community since the early 1980s. This humble community-based office services business has transitioned through different roles in the community from the beginning as simple secretarial services to what it is today as a multi-faceted office that offers digital printing, graphic design, signs, banners, photo printing, office administrative services, passport photos and much more to meet the needs of the local businesses, organizations and community members.

Marsha and Ken Hobert truly are a shining example of responsible local business owners, who think about their community before themselves. They were ready to retire in their lovely home in Glen Haven back in 2017, but they held off their retirement due to the disappointment it would have created with their clients and the town without their services. They have sincerely built a business that has been such an integral part of the community in Estes Park and Glen Haven for the last three decades.

After two years of searching, Marsha and Ken have finally found new business owners that they can trust to take over their legacy (establishment) to a new path forward in the community. Marsha and Ken have finally passed the Hobert Office Services torch to the new owners, Kristina Peshtmaldzhyan and Anil Singh on September 1st, 2019.

Kristina and Anil are moving up from Westminster to Estes Park but they are no strangers to the Estes Valley. Kristina is an organizational guru who comes from a banking profession with a background in assets and financial management. Anil is a creative marketing professional with experience in graphic design, digital marketing, branding, web development, social media strategies and photography and cinematography.

Anil and Kristina both lived in Estes Valley for more than seven+ years before they moved to the Front Range. Anil worked and grew as an intern to the marketing manager in six+ years during his tenure at The Stanley Hotel and Grand Heritage Hotel Group. Kristina worked and grew from the front desk to accounting receivables at the Stanley Hotel and payroll master for the Grand Heritage Hotel Group portfolio. She also assisted the asset manager at Trout Haven Resorts to manage the property.

Kristina and Anil understand the integral role and importance that Hobert Office Services has played in the community of Estes Park. To honor the Hoberts long-lasting commitment to the Estes Valley, they are carrying on the banner with the same business name as is Hobert Office Services.

From the new owner: “Hobert Office Services has always evolved its services to meet the needs of Estes Park businesses and community members. To provide the ease of access and services in the community, we are adding more services to the business so Hobert Office Services can be a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. Please sign up for our newsletter at www.hobertltd.com or stop by our office to say hi and see new services we are implementing that might be of help to you, your business and your organization.”

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