Stream Rehabilitation Work On Fish Creek Receives Statewide Award

The award was accepted by (left to right) Jim Bunker, Project Superintendent for Tezak Heavy Equipment Company, Mario Jimenez, Project Manager for Tezak Heavy Equipment Company and Jim Daugherty, Board Member for Estes Valley Watershed Coalition.

The Colorado Contractor's Association has recognized one of the projects of the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition as one of the excellent water related projects in the State of Colorado.

The project, known as the Middle Fish Creek Project, was completed in late 2017 to repair damage caused by the 2013 flood. Major work was done on a number of reaches of the Fish Creek between Country Club Drive and Little Valley Road. The Middle Fish Creek Project was one of 14 stream repair projects completed by the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition.

The general contractor on the project, Tezak Heavy Equipment Company, submitted the project for the award. The repair work was designed by Otak.

The first step in the renovation work was to remove large amounts of sediment left by the 2013 flood. Then the stream's floodplain was re-graded to a natural stream basin shape. Energy dissipation was achieved through a system of riffles, pools, and steps. Features were added that function similar to a small beaver dam. Natural vegetation was planted as the final step in the repair work.

The Colorado Contractor's Association annual 2018 H20 Award was given to the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition, Tezak Heavy Equipment Company (the construction contractor) and Otak (the design engineer).

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