Dog Park

Village Thrift Shop, Inc. recently announced their 2019 grant winners, and Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD) is excited to be one of the recipients.

On April 26, EVRPD received notice they were awarded $17,900 to be used for the installation of a water fountain at the Estes Valley Dog Park.

“We are beyond ecstatic to be awarded this money,” said Tom Carosello, EVRPD Executive Director. “A huge thank you goes out to Susan Sisk and the other members of the Village Thrift Shop Board of Directors for recognizing our needs within the District and for supporting the Estes Valley community.”

The grant is designated for the construction and installation of a new water fountain at the Estes Valley Dog Park, an off-leash park built using private and public funds. Located at the corner of U.S. Highway 36 and Community Drive in Stanley Park, the dog park serves hundreds of dogs on a weekly basis. Although the dogs have several acres to run and play, including in an obstacle course and in the Fish Creek Arm of Lake Estes, the only clean water available for them—and their owners—to drink is the water brought in by the doggie parents.

“This new water fountain will provide a clean and safe water source for all users of the dog park,” said Carosello. “We have already started the process to identify the right system that can be used by humans and canines as well as a timeline for the construction.”

An additional thank you goes out to John Guthrie of Estes Park for his help in the initial legwork for this grant. His insight into the needs of the dogs in Estes Park has been a tremendous asset for EVRPD and local dog owners.

The Village Thrift Shop is a non-profit, charitable organization formed to serve the Estes Valley by annually funding grants to local Estes Valley non-profit agencies and providing affordable goods to individuals. In 2018, the Village Thrift Shop awarded more than $180,000 in grants to 51 local non-profits.

For more information about the Estes Valley Dog Park or EVRPD, call Tom Carosello at 970-586-8191 or email him at

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