Introducing “I Wish Wednesday!”

You Need Pie Diner is excited to announce our new school related fundraiser! During the winter months, on the second Wednesday of each month, 25% of proceeds from purchases made in the shop that day will be donated to the I Wish Wednesday Fundraising group! “We’re excited to consolidate our fundraising efforts and concentrate on school related clubs and groups, so that we can help make a difference in the lives of these young people,” says Val Thompson, owner of You Need Pie. “Every year we are asked for donations and we are happy to participate in all kinds of fundraising, but we hope this program will help target our donations for a particular school-related cause.” Val met with high school principal Chuck Scott to get the program started, and Mr. Scott provided the contact information for the staff sponsors for various clubs and sports programs at the high school. In future months, both the middle and elementary schools will also be given an opportunity to participate. On the designated, I Wish Wednesday, You Need Pie will be open for dinner (typically the shop closes at 4 p.m. in the winter), in an effort to maximize the opportunity for fundraising. The goal is that the group that funds are being raised for, will help market the event, and participate with their families, although everyone is welcome to attend. Interested groups can contact You Need Pie directly for an application to participate.

Val said, “We’re very excited to usher in this new era of fundraising, and we look forward to seeing what the great kids in this town utilize the funds for!” The first recipient of the I Wish Wednesday fundraising is the Thespian Troupe at EPHS. This group is responsible for putting on the high school musical each year and the funds are used to pay for costumes, scripts, set building, and musical related costs. (See page 18 for upcoming production by this Thespian Troupe of “Legally Blonde” at the EPHS Auditorium). Jordanne Bradley, leader of the Thespian group says “I’m a strong believer that students can learn many skills through performing arts that can be used later in life and I want to provide them with those skills to succeed as they grow into adults.” See you Wednesday, November 13, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. for some great food, fun, and fundraising!

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