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Estes Valley Library Awarded Green Business Award

The Estes Valley Library was recently awarded the December 2012 Green Business Award by the League of Women Voters and Community Recycling Committee

When we contacted Claudine Perrault, Director of Estes Valley Library, to inquire about current recycling efforts at the library, she was eager to talk with us. She first wanted to tell us though that she did not initiate recycling at the library; rather, she inherited a “culture of recycling” and an “ethic of recycling” that were well in place before she joined the team seven years ago. She credits the work of people like Kurtis Kelly, Kathleen Kase, and Robert Aiken for creating such a culture. These individuals would often take items to various recycling centers – on their own time and at their own expense. Talk about dedication!

The Estes Valley Library has done an magnificent job of incorporating various recycling and sustainability practices into their everyday operation: energy meters, paper recycling at all desks, mixed recycling bins for staff, refinished furniture in office space, delivering used packing material to local businesses for reuse, free paperbacks by entryway, and managing recycling for many other products: newspapers, cardboard, books, CD/DVDs and cases, and technical waste.

After we left the library, we continued to talk about the “culture of recycling” that we observed. It was an insightful moment for us as we realized that recycling is more than what we do, but it is about who we are – as people, as a culture. By educating the community about how businesses and organizations recycle, we hope that others become part of this culture!

The Estes Valley Library will have their new award on display, along with other evidence of their sustainability efforts. So come in and check it out! And while you are there, consider borrowing a book, CD, movie, audiobook, magazine, or newspaper. Not only will you save some money by loaning rather than buying, but you will also be saving some valuable resources along the way. The Earth thanks you!


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