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Estes Park Through The Eyes Of A 14 Year Old

There are millions of places to be in the world. Some people love California for the beaches, or Mexico for the resorts. There has always been one place that feels like another home to me.

When I think about this place it makes me long to go back. When I get in the car to leave, I already miss being there. This place is special to me, it makes me feel happy, and I know I can be myself, because no one cares, no one wants to judge because they appreciate you for who you are.

That place is located at 402222N 1053109 W, my special place is Estes Park. When I think of Estes Park I think about my grandpa’s house, and I think about the long, but beautiful hikes I went on. Estes Park is full of beautiful trees and a huge lake, with horse arenas, and many mountains to hike.

If you drive further down the road you see a cute little outside shopping area. You look up and you see those beautiful mountains everywhere. In those mountains you see little neighborhoods. They are private and peaceful, and it is so silent you can hear the deer’s feet trotting in the snow. You hear the hummingbirds flying around, trying to get to the humming bird feeder.

When I drive in those mountains I feel serene and when I step out of the car I feel at home. The cold air rushes to my skin and I know this is where I am meant to be. The freezing air makes me rush inside to the warm fire awaiting for me to stand by. You are alone, but safe and peaceful.

When you are not alone you are treated to such friendly people. Up in Estes Park the idea of being nice to your neighbors is taken to whole other level. On Halloween, the people of Estes Park order truck loads of candy to give to the children who can’t Trick-or-Treat because they are in the mountains. The kids go down to each store, and are given loads of candy. Everyone pitches in; the natives of Estes Park are so involved with the community, and the environment.

They make sure the beautiful mountains of Estes Park stay beautiful. The people there love to hike, and sled. Those activities are also enjoyed by the many tourists who come up to Estes Park. They have to drive the long drive up there because there are no airports.

The streets are filled with fun little stores like Mary Jane’s, and the restaurant called Penelopes, and the best place to get cookies is called Grandma’s Mountain Cookies.

There aren’t many indoor activities, but who would want to be indoors in such a great place like Estes Park? You could go hiking or sledding, or during the summer they have events and little craft fairs. Everything is so tiny up in Estes Park, CO.

Even though you might not be able to sit on your butt and waste time, you can learn to see Estes Park for its true beauty, and see how magnificent it is. If you do go up there you will understand why it is so great, and you might eventually love it as much as I do.

Ashlyn Douglas, Arvada, Colo, 14 yrs

(Steve Misch’s granddaughter)

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