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Estes Park Police Department Going Green

EPPD always working to keep our town safer, will be trying to keep it greener too!

Rising gas prices are prompting members of the Estes Park Police Department to curb their cruisers for portions of their daily shifts and walk the beat.

Commander Eric Rose said “In keeping with the Town of Estes Park’s initiative to go green, I’ve informed officers that they are now to spend at least one hour out of their patrol vehicle on foot, during their shifts.”
“The officers won’t just be doing foot patrol downtown, they’ll be getting out in our neighborhoods as well.”

Rose continued, “Police effectiveness comes first, but where we can combine environmentally friendly practices without compromising our mission, we will do this. This will lower fuel consumption and help offset the rising cost of fuel prices, which has greatly impacted the EPPD fuel budget for 2008.”

According to Commander Rose’s predictions, with this practice, they can save approximately $800 in gas expenses per month. A noteable savings.

He said, “We’re also looking at other ways to save fuel and the cruisers won’t have engines idling at traffic stops any more.

Rose added, “We’ve also budgeted for another battery powered Segway which produce zero-emissions during operation, and reduce costs significantly compared to our traditional patrol vehicles.

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