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Estes Park Open Space Study To Be Performed

The Town of Estes Park has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to prepare an open space inventory and analysis for a 32 square mile area comprising the Estes Valley Planning Area and develop a plan for protection and preservation of open space in the Estes Valley.

Key components of the Open Space Study include:

Inventory and prioritize existing open space based on scenic, wildlife and other habitat values.

Public engagement and consensus building.

Develop a plan to protect the highest value open space.

Study public trail connectivity constraints and opportunities.

Citizen input will be crucial to the plan’s success,” stated Town Administrator Jacquie Halburnt. “Public meetings will be held with consultation from the firm chosen to perform the study.”
The plan will provide detailed information about existing conditions and place a priority status on the remaining open parcels.

Decisions will have to be made regarding how to use the information once the plan is completed, Halburnt said. How the different open space opportunities will be seized will be a crucial component of the plan.
As open space diminishes in the Estes Park Valley, its preservation becomes more important.
Proposals are due to the town by October 1, 2008 and the firm chosen to perform the work must complete it within six months.

For more information, contact the town’s Community Development Department at 577-3725.

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