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Estes Park Municipal Election Results

Final Unofficial Results from 4/3/2012

10:17:54 p.m.

Cards Cast 1892

Total Votes-1842



Bill Pinkham 1180 64.06%

Richard E. Homeier 642 34.85%


Town Trustees

Total Votes-4709

Ron Norris 1034 21.96%

John Ericson 922 19.58%

John Phipps 798 16.95%

Jerry Miller 784 16.65%

Mike Williams 575 12.21%

Charley Dickey 575 12.21%


Ballot Question #1

Total Votes 1800

NO 1294 71.89%

YES 506 28.11%


Ballot Question #2

Total Votes 1798

NO 1382 76.86%

YES 416 23.14%


Ballot Questions

The April 3 Municipal Election mail ballot included two questions. The Town asked voters to reduce requirements for newspaper publication as a cost-saving and efficiency measure. If approved the Town will publish adopted ordinances by title only. The full adopted ordinances will be posted on the Town website, as well as all Town bills and a list of all contracts, awards, and rebates approved by the Town involving expenditures of more than $30,000 per annum. The ballot questions are:

1. Shall the Town of Estes Park, Colorado, be authorized to publish ordinances by title only rather than publishing each ordinance in full in accordance with Section 31-16-105 C.R.S.?

2. Shall the Town of Estes Park, Colorado, not publish proceedings relating to payment of bills and statements concerning all contracts awarded and rebates allowed in accordance with Section 31-20-202 (1.5) C.R.S.?

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